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A death in the family is an emotional time and we will be there to assist in finalising the deceased estate and thus removing this burden and constant reminder of your loss.

This process can be very complicated and traumatic, therefore we assist our clients in fulfilling the duties of the executor as fast and efficient as possible. This includes collecting any monies owing to the deceased person, settling any debts incurred before the death and ensuring that all the heirs receive their inheritance. We will assist you in all the red tape from reporting the estate, to finalising the liquidation and distribution account.

Types of deceased estates

There are two kinds of estates : intestate (with no will) and testate (with a will).

Testate estates can be finalised within a period of six to twelve months, depending on various factors such as the size of the estate, the number of bequests and the debts owing by the estate.

Intestate estates usually take a considerably longer period of time and are usually finalised with a period of eighteen months. It is for this reason that we always recommend to our clients that they have a valid will drawn up as it will spare their families the long process of having their estates settled.


Both estates are submitted to the Master of the High Court with the necessary documentation and we will attend to all the processes necessary to have the relevant estate finalised as quickly as possible.

There is also usually a transfer of property involved with a deceased estate. Our conveyancer will be able to assist with this registration as our aim is to offer a complete service for our clients.

Other inheritance law services

The passing of a relative may also lead to confusion and conflict between the parties. This often leads to family disputes over the division of the estate. We provide a service whereby we mediate and assist in dispute resolution. Our aim is to ensure that all the relevant heirs receive what is due to them in a fair manner, thereby helping to reconcile the differences between the parties.
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