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The breakdown of your marriage can be one of the most traumatic experiences which you can undergo. Our aim is to obtain the divorce in the quickest time possible, protecting your interests and that of your minor children.

Our divorce services

We assist our clients through all aspects of the divorce from settlement discussions, pre-trial procedures, interim maintenance, interim custody to the final granting of the divorce order. We will be with you all the way and your needs will determine our approach to obtaining a satisfactory divorce, whether it is an amicable resolution or an aggressive litigation process.

Types of divorces

There are two types of divorces : unopposed and opposed.

An unopposed divorce occurs when the parties can reach a settlement regarding issues such as the immovable property, other assets, access to the minor children and maintenance for the minor child and spouse, where relevant. This is a more cost effective and timeous procedure and can be finalised within three months.

An opposed divorce occurs when no consensus can be reached between the parties regarding the issues mentioned above. Summons will be served, interim access and maintenance can be ordered by the Court (in addition to various other interim orders) using the Rule 43 procedures and the divorce would then be heard before Divorce Court. To finalise this process can take up to two years and is a costly exercise.

We assist our clients according to the requirements of their divorce matter, whether it be negotiating a settlement agreement or fighting for our clients rights in a messy divorce.

Divorce and property

There is also usually a transfer of property involved with a divorce. Our conveyancer will be able to assist with the registration as our aim is to offer a complete service for our clients.
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